Comfortable sleeping bags for outdoor holidays and camping

Sleeping Bags for Camping

Sleeping bags for campers allow you to sleep comfortably when camping. Your camping sleeping bag should always suit the season and travel destination. An important indication to help you choose the right travel sleeping bag is the temperature range recommended by the manufacturer. The comfort temperature indicated on the sleeping bag should always match the lowest temperature you expect to encounter during your trip.

If there is no need to carry the camping sleeping bag around in your backpack, weight and pack size are only minor selection criteria. If you are planning a trekking or cabin tour, however, you should opt for a sleeping bag with a small pack size and low weight.

Down sleeping bag or synthetic sleeping bag for camping?

In a nutshell, down sleeping bags tend to offer the same thermal output as synthetic sleeping bags while coming with a lower weight and a smaller pack size. However, while down is more sensitive to moisture and requires more care, synthetic sleeping bags don't mind getting wet and are quick to dry afterwards.

Spending the night in a tent exposes your sleeping bag to less moisture than sleeping outside on a sleeping mat, under tarps or under mosquito nets. For this purpose, many camping sleeping bags come with water-repellent outer materials. However, always make sure your sleeping bag is all dry and properly aired out before putting it in your stuff sack for transport.

Most popular: the mummy sleeping bag

Many outdoor specialists, such as Mountain Equipment, Mammut or Vaude, offer mummy sleeping bags as well as blanket sleeping bags and sleeping bags in oval shape. The mummy sleeping bag, however, featuring both a practical shape and a comfy hood, represents by far the most popular design for camping sleeping bags. Models are usually available with a zip either on the left or the right side.

Many campers opt for liners or silk sleeping bags to upgrade their model. While making the sleeping bag suitable for colder temperatures, these inner linings also come with a major benefit in terms of hygiene and care. Washing a liner is much easier and less time-consuming than washing a whole camping sleeping bag.

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