Stow away your emergency equipment in a saddle bag

Saddle Bags

Saddle bags are an excellent alternative to bulky handlebar bags and heavy cycling backpacks. You won’t even notice there’s one on your bike, but you’ll certainly be glad you have one if you ever get a flat tyre. Unlike panniers, saddle bags remain attached to your bike, so you should choose a model that suits your needs. You’re guaranteed to find your perfect saddle bag from brands, such as Norco, Vaude and Evoc.

The perfect size and attachment system

Depending on the size and design of the saddle bag, you’ll be able to stow away your most important equipment. Smaller models provide enough space for some gear, such as replacement tubes and your tools, so you’ll be able to keep on riding after getting a punctured tyre.

Saddle Bags

Since it isn’t possible to attach a pannier to a road bike or a mountain bike, saddle bags are a great solution. It won’t get in your way and it's so lightweight that you’ll forget it's even there. The bag can simply be attached under the saddle via a Klickfix system or hook-and-loop fasteners. While pedalling, the bag won’t wiggle around or annoy you. And, you can easily remove it after your ride or for a quick break in a restaurant or bar. Choosing the right size is also important. Depending on the type and amount of tools you would like to take with you, you should look out for organization and attachment options on the inside. If your bag doesn’t include these options or is too big, your tools will jiggle around and get mixed up. Inner pockets, compartments and elastic straps are particularly helpful and practical features.

Useful additional details

In addition to emergency and puncture equipment, you can also put energy gels and small valuables, such as your keys or some cash inside your saddle bag. Thanks to saddle bags, your jersey’s pockets can remain empty. Some models are even equipped with external attachment options, which you can use to attach protectors and pads.

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