Warm and soft: Trekking sleeping bags

Trekking Sleeping Bags

Whether it's for hillwalking, walking, hiking, camping, a pilgrimage or a festival, you'll always be glad to have a trekking sleeping bag at hand! High quality sleeping bags are comfortable, protect against the cold and ensure that you'll regain the energy you'll need for the next day. If you're planning to spend a night outdoors, you'll need a good trekking or hiking sleeping bag. It's as they say: "As you make your bed, so you must lie upon it."

Hillwalking, trekking or hiking sleeping bags: Spoilt for Choice

When you're spending the night out in the elements, protection against the cold is essential. The hiking sleeping bag or trekking sleeping bag must be properly matched to the outside temperatures. For especially cold temperatures you should consider a down sleeping bag. These are unmatched in their thermal output. If moisture is a concern, you'll need a synthetics sleeping bag. A synthetic fibre lining won't offer as much insulation as down, but is unaffected by moisture.

When you're travelling in warm climates, summer sleeping bags are an option, such as silk or cotton designs. This are thin, lightweight and allow for comfortable sleep even in stuffy conditions. For nights in the mountain hut, there are hut sleeping bags or hostel sleeping bags. These are thinner than regular hiking sleeping bags and are commonly even required for sleeping in mountain huts.

Trekking sleeping bags for long adventure trips and high performance sleeping bags for icy temperatures below zero share one thing in common: They ensure a restful sleep. A trekking sleeping bag from a reputable brand such as Exped, Mountain Equipment, Salewa, Mammut will ensure pleasant dreams on your nature trip!

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