Nut removal tool for - you guessed it - removing nuts!

Nut Removal Tools

It's an age old climbing problem - the lead climber is doing you a favor by placing the nuts but you're left to clean up after him. It's well worth having a nut removal tool with you when climbing to avoid unnecessary effort, frustration and a possible loss of equipment. Nut removal tools don't weigh much, can be used for other things and they don't cost the earth.

Who needs a nut removal tool and what should you look out for when buying one?

If you only climb from bolt to bolt or you're more the bouldering type you will probably never need a reliable nut removal tool. However, if you're into clean climbing, alpine climbing or mountaineering and you need to secure your own routes you won't be able to get by without a nut removal tool. But the nut removal tool is not only good for removing hopelessly wedged in nuts, it can also be used to fish friends out of deep cracks or free holes of dirt. There are also models with integrated knives, bottle openers or carabiners. And most importantly of all, you can use your nut removal tool to stir your morning coffee!

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