Get rid of annoying mosquitos with the right insect spray

Insect Sprays

We all know the problem: You're sitting in front of your tent with your trekking backpack after a long day's walk. Your stove keeps humming silently and all it takes to make your day perfect is a tasty meal. But suddenly you hear something behind your ears. You know this agonizing sound only too well. It announces the arrival of those annoying pests that will ruin your evening with a smile on their parasitic little faces.
Mosquitos and ticks cause discomfort and can spread diseases, be it in the wilderness or in everyday life. Keep control of such situations, choose the right insect protection, and give the tips below a quick read.

What different types of insect protection are available?

Insect repellents come in the form of pump dispenser sprays (i.e. bug sprays, mosquito sprays), in tubes or dispensers as creams, balms, or lotions (anti-mosquito cream, anti-bug balms), and also as roll-ons or sticks for direct and easy application on your skin. Except for the carrier substances, the included agents are mostly identical. These agents are skin-friendly insecticides, which effectively keep ticks, gnats, mosquitos, or gadflies as well as other insects at a distance.
In addition to these solutions, you should always have a mosquito net with you when you're going on a trip. When buying insect repellents, many people pay attention to sizes and dosage forms (which is merely a matter of taste). However, it is also important to know that there are special insect repellents for kids. They are particularly compatible with sensitive skin (without perfumes, artificial dyes, and preservatives). Depending on their make, insect repellents are effective for up to ten hours. High-quality products are offered by manufacturers like Ballistol or Care Plus.

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