Down jackets for men: equipped against the cold

Down Jackets Men

If you plan to do your tours through wintry scenery at frosty temperatures you need a good insulation layer in your clothing. Despite all the innovations of synthetic fibers, down jackets for men are still excellent when it comes to keeping the cold away from you. They have minimal packed dimensions, are lightweight and have a unique way to regulate heat. It goes without saying that the same applies to down jackets for ladies!

Depending on the requirements the down jacket designs for men differ. They have in any case become indispensable in the fields of outdoor jackets and rain jackets.

Down - provider of warmth

Down consists of innumerable soft feather-branches with tiny intervening spaces. Its thermal output is excellent and the material is great for outdoor activities and mountain sports. When comparing down, there are differences in quality. The composition of the material and their bulking power make up their characteristics.

Composition indicates the ratio between down and feathers. A 90/10 down-composition consists of 90 % of down and 10 % of feathers. To put it simply: a higher percentage of down leads to superior insulation properties. Down-only lining is, however, difficult to produce and would carry along a number of problems. The feathers lighten up the down and ensure permanent bulking power.

The bulking power indicates the extent to which the down fluffs up. The mostly used unit is Cuin. The equation is simple: the higher the bulking power, the better the insulation performance. Values above 600 Cuin can be considered excellent. Premium down jackets for men have down with 750 Cuin or more.

Advantages of down jackets for men

Down jacket designs for men need to be quite resistant. They will be stuffed into a backpack for many days and when unpacked need to provide warmth. Down comes with this capacity like no other material.

Down jackets have very small packed dimensions and an excellent ratio between warmth and weight. It is easy to carry them along - and when you need them, you can use them at once. A thin down jacket design can be used when all of a sudden temperatures drop during your outdoor adventure. It will keep you pleasantly warm, but there is no need to carry along a lot of weight.

Down jackets for men are designed for the needs of the outdoor adventurer. They are available from many well-known manufacturers, such as Patagonia, Mammut, The North Face or Mountain Equipment in many different down jackets for men variations.

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