No more freezing: warm down jackets

Down Jackets Women

Whether you are doing your Christmas shopping at an outdoor mall, take a hike in the woods or ride your bike - when the thermometer shows temperatures in the lower regions, it is time to wear your warm and cozy down jacket. The insulation power of down as lining of jackets is unmatched. Not only do down jackets for women have a high level of heat retention. Their elegant and feminine cuts make them a head turner no matter what the occasion on which you wear them. But not only ladies can rely on the heat protection of down jackets, down jackets for men or down jackets for kids. The North Face down jackets enjoy a high degree of popularity.

What makes down jackets for ladies so unique?

Whenever the insulation capacity of outdoor textiles is concerned, down as lining material is unbeatable. The lower plumage of water birds is generally referred to as down. These small feathers are an excellent lining material. Due to their structure they will keep the cold outside and lock in your body heat. Thereby an air cushion is created, which prevents the body from cooling down. With a cozy lady's down jacket low temperatures will definitely not be a problem any longer. When purchasing your down jacket, you should definitely keep an eye on the bulking power. It shows the quality of the down and apart from that the temperature range that the down jacket is made for. The bulking power is indicated in the international measuring unit cuin. The higher the cuin value, the better the thermal output of the lady's down jacket. A down jacket should have a cuin value of at least 500. When you are planning to travel to extremely cold regions, the value should be around 700.

Apart from keeping you amazingly warm lady's down jackets have some more properties which make them interesting for lady's who like to go on outdoor adventures. Particularly on long tours heavy jackets can literally become a burden. Because of their feathery lining lady's down jackets are actual featherweights. The lady's down jacket is always snuggly warm and never becomes too heavy. Another great advantage is their high breathability. When you actually get into sweating body moisture can escape in the form of fine steam. This way the body is protected against overheating. In connection to a water repellent outer material wind and weather cannot harm your outdoor adventure. Because of pleasantly warm front pockets cold hands won't be a problem anymore - even in crispy cold weather.

A feminine look with a warm lady's down jacket.

If you think in a lady's down jacket you would look like Frosty the Snowman, you are wrong! Apart from their great functional properties lady's down jackets are a fashionable head turner. The down is arranged in x-shaped quilting, which ensures it stays where you need it. Apart from that the quilting lets the lining look smaller. With a cut that enhances the waist, the jackets allow a feminine look while offering excellent heat insulation.

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