For safety and comfort on the mountain: Scarpa outdoor footwear

Scarpa Outdoor Shoes

Scarpa is a company with a long tradition. At the beginning of the 20th century, a small manufacture in a little Italian village began producing premium quality leather boots. Today, over a hundred years later, the company has its headquarters in Switzerland, and sells their high quality mountain footwear around the globe.
You can always rely on Scarpa, because every single shoe is the result of a perfect mix of traditional workmanship and latest innovation. The product spectrum encompasses agile boulder slippers on the one end, and heavy expedition boots on the other side of the spectrum. Scarpa will have the right footwear for any mountain enthusiast.
And because the selection of Scarpa footwear is so vast, we'd like to give you some pointers to help you find the model that's right for your purposes.

Types and properties of Scarpa outdoor footwear

Scarpa climbing shoes are a popular favorite among beginners and pros, young and old. They offer excellent grip and allow the wearer access to the technically most sophisticated passes. The well thought out rubber mixture used in Scarpa outdoor footwear for climbers, and the supple leather outer material make them particularly robust and comfortable. You should choose the closure type you need (Hook and loop or lacing), as well as the pretensioning and asymmetry of the lasts (for beginners: hook and loop with little pretension and relatively straight lasts) that are suited to your abilities.
Scarpa leisuretime footwear encompasses another wide range of offers in which the manufacturer combines urban chic and the athletic properties of a hiking shoe. A sneaker-type Scarpa shoe will have the same robust and resilient design as a hiking shoe, but will be a littler lighter in weight and more trendy in its style. The shoe will consist mostly of vibram soles and a leather outer material, which means that a Scarpa lifestyle shoe can easily double as functional footwear for impromptu hikes or easy climbs.
Scarpa hiking and climbing shoes have a slightly more pronounced shock absorption and are also more robust than a Scarpa sneaker. Scarpa hiking or climbing footwear is available as a shoe or boot, and comes with a special reinforcement around the edges. The midsole is a little thicker for improved shock absorption on extended hikes. Scarpa climbing shoes have a longer lacing, are constructed asymmetrically, and come with a more rigid sole than the softer, more padded hiking models.
And last, but by no means least, Scarpa also offers a wide variety of proper mountain hiking and climbing shoes. The range includes solid footwear for via ferrata, and also crampon=compatible trekking boots. Regular mountain (trekking) shoes are very similar to hiking shoes, but they are heavier, more robust, and have a stiffer sole and raised shaft. They offer excellent grip on loose gravel or on via ferratas, and can be combined with ice cleats. A true Scarpa outdoor shoe in trekking boot style can be combined with half or fully automatic (cage or bar) crampons for expeditions into the ice or for Alpine mountaineering. These shoes have a sophisticated heat insulation (sometimes in combination with inner shoes), are virtually indestructible, and often come with special lacing and gaiters.

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