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Highly reliable


One of the most important features of tents is the reliable weather protection, as nobody wants to be surprised by intrusive water. The company philosophy of Hilleberg is to produce the highest quality and most reliable tents. Each individual piece, from material and design all the way to construction method is made for this. Their outer tents are therefore made using Kerlon, which is strong enough to keep the tent in tact, even if it takes some damage.

Steadfast in the wind

A Hilleberg is more than meets the eye. All their tents are so well-balanced, that they work best in the wind. This is due to their shape as well as the perfect coordination of the poles. This is built to withstand the most extreme winds and prevent the tent from being damaged or blown over.

Tunnel tents by Hilleberg

The Swedes became famous for their tunnel tents. The tunnel tents are very spacious and lightweight. It also works best when the slim side is faced in the direction of the wind. It is the perfect tent for long touring when you may have to spend longer periods in the tent.

Dome tents

Their construction with a strutted pole system makes dome tents free-standing and tougher in snow as well as shifting winds. For this reason, they are also better to place on hard, stony ground and exposed areas with shifting winds. Hilleberg dome tents combine these features like no one else, and provides ample reserves for the toughest conditions.

Versatile and excellent in its use

The modular build and fantastic ventilation system makes these tents perfectly equipped for all conditions - from winter camps to trekking touring in high summer. All of the tents are also made to easily erect in the worst weather conditions like wind and rain.

Longevity of Hilleberg tents

A Hilleberg tent is often a purchase that lasts a lifetime. The use of high quality materials and the standards of their products make these tents virtually indestructible. An important factor that is often valued on expeditions.

When Bo Hilleberg began developing new tents, it was simply because of the lack of a high quality alternative. He wanted to develop a tent that can be easily built on your own, that is reliable and also as lightweight as it is comfortable - it worked out well.

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