Perfect weather protection for boys & girls with waterproof jackets

Waterproof Jackets Kids

Skies are grey and the rain keeps pouring down? This shouldn't keep little outdoor enthusiasts from spending their day outside! Kids' waterproof jackets offer a great deal of protection, which is indispensable when your child is playing outside and exploring nature. Bad weather is not a problem anymore. Kids' waterproof jackets are water repellent or even waterproof, and many high-quality models are windproof just like outdoor clothing for adults. So don't press your nose against the window all day long, bored and with the weather god laughing down at you. Weather protected waterpoof jackets for kids bring back the outdoor fun!

What makes for a good kids' waterproof jacket?

When water is pouring from the sky days on end, kids' waterproof jackets provide the necessary protection. But what makes for a good waterproof jacket for kids? Is rainwear for kids always the same or are there major differences? Question after question, but do not worry. It's not rocket science. The right waterproof jackets for boys and girls are easy to find!

Just like those for adults, waterproof jackets for kids come in different designs in order to provide maximum weather protection. If you want a perfectly sealed model for your child, a hardshell jacket will be suitable. These jackets are 100% waterproof (from around 1,500 mm water column) and most often windproof as well. In combination with waterproof rain trousers, nothing can go wrong. For complete protection, waterproof one piece suits are a sensible option. Many of these all-in-one solutions are particularly made for kids. Add some waterproof shoes and your loved ones will stay dry even during major downpours. In case of moderate rain, a water repellent rain jacket will suffice for your child. Such jackets for kids are nearly waterproof and most often breathable, which is a great advantage. They are perfect for kids to let off steam in the rain.

The looks of kids' waterproof jackets are also important!

Of course children's fashion must look good as well, since an ugly beige waterproof coat will most likely be ‘forgotten' in class. For this reason, waterproof jackets for kids come in every imaginable color and design. Your little ones will love the funny hoods, designs, and colorful fabrics, and wear their waterproof jackets all day long.

No matter if a jacket is for boys or girls, for massive downpours or drizzle, or produced by Vaude, Finkid, Bergans, or Kamik, one thing is for sure: Kids' waterproof jackets protect your child against wind and weather. So let them conquer a world of water and dirt with these weather protected ‘mud shields'!

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