Spring jackets - lightweight weather protection for changing seasons

Spring Jackets

The snow begins to thaw, the frosty air gives way to warm breezes and the scent of awakening nature fills your nose - spring is here and with it comes the time for Spring jackets! But spring doesn't just mean flowers and burgeoning warmth. Early in the season the climate is still wildly unpredictable. But never fear! Spring jackets have something up their sleeve for any type of weather!

The right spring jacket for all your travels!

A spring jacket is the ideal jacket for when the seasons change. But as usual in the world of outdoor gear, there are different options for different purposes. There is no such thing as the perfect "all-rounder". But choosing the right spring jacket is not rocket science!

First up is the classic: the Fleece Jacket. No doubt you have one of these outdoor jackets hanging in your "adventurers wardrobe" already. It is warm, comfortable, superbly suited for everyday wear and is perfect for wearing as an inner layer under other clothes, when the weather outside is still a bit chilly. The perfect spring jackets for physical activities are softshell jackets. They are breathable, moisture wicking, and offer impressive freedom of movement. If the outer fabric is water and wind-repellent as well, then these functional jackets are even immune to fickle April weather! Because, as we know, capricious spring weather doesn't just bring idle sunshine. No spring passes without the notorious phase of gloomy bad weather. This is when a waterproof jacket comes into its own. These spring jackets are absolutely waterproof to keep out strong rain. A membrane such as Gore-Tex allows breathability and at the same time makes these spring jackets suitable for strenuous, sweat-inducing touring.

If you've been seized by that spring feeling, you won't be able to keep still. That is why the "usual suspects" like Haglöfs, Mammut, The North Face or Vaude and many other well-known brands offer great touring companions to suit your needs. Regardless of whether you're going for a spring hike, doing a training run through the awakening forest, taking the first mountain bike tour of the year or catching up on climbing, with a spring jacket you can really enjoy this gorgeous time of year.

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