Spacious bus awnings for camper vans and motor homes

Caravan awnings

Installing an awning onto your camper van allows you to double the amount of living space you can use whilst camping. Most awnings are designed to be mounted onto the side of your vehicle and still give access to the door.

Many bus awnings have a free-standing design and can be closed on all sides if required. These models can be left at the campsite, so you can drive off with your camper van without having to take down the awning.

Caravan awnings: with poles or inflatable

Some awnings come with aluminium or fibreglass poles that hold them in place like a classic tent. The poles can be folded or disassembled, so that they'll hardly take up any space during transport.

As for the inflatable air awnings, they have beams instead of poles. The beams are attached to the awning's fabric and can be inflated using an air pump or a compressor. Both models are quick to assemble. However, as the size and complexity of the awning increases, so does the pitching time and pack size.

Awnings for VW buses, vans and motor homes

High-quality bus awnings from Outwell and Vango have a nice, classic design and their inflatable models are very stable and durable. When choosing an awning, you'll need to consider the height. It should be suitable for your vehicle and its attachment system. For example, a VW bus awning is constructed differently than an awning for motor homes or vans.

Bus awnings are the perfect spot for placing your camping table and chairs as they offer protection against the rain, wind and sun, they create some privacy and provide a place to store your gear.

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