Camera bags for every system and use

Camera Bags

The right camera bag will keep your camera and accessories securely stored and well organized. A tidy camera bag is a worthy investment for all camera equipment, as it will protect your most valuable equipment. For a system camera or valuable DSLR with interchangeable lenses - large manufacturers have the right solution for every photographer.

Different types for every camera system

A shoulder bag, or a lumbar pack for smaller cameras are very practical for trips to the city or relaxing day hikes and trips. It is much more comfortable than keeping the camera around your neck. Evoc and Pacsafe have beautiful, models that are suitable for the city. there is a perfect camera bag for every taste.

Practical Advantages of Camera Bags

If you don't need to bring all of your equipment with you, then a fully functional camera backpackmight be too much. A robust, nicely padded camera bag offers the same protection and is just as organized. F-Stop Gear, Midshift and Lowepro not only provide professional camera backpacks, but also highly reliable, practical camera bags. Their well organized compartments also work to suit your individual needs. Your camera and equipment will not move around.

Camera Bags

What to look for in camera bags

The inside of any good camera bag is nicely padded and lined with a soft material. Hook and loop adjustable compartment walls secure the camera and lenses to ensure they don't move around and get scratched or knocked. Some models have high quality additional features like an integrated rain cover. This ensures that dust and sand cannot get into the inside of the bag. Additional small parts pouches for lens brushes, cloths and memory cards make it easier to keep your equipment organized.
The theft protection is also very important when traveling. Camera bags with enhanced security features are the best to take on city trips. The carry strap is reinforced with a thin Stainless steel cable so pickpockets can't just cut through it with a knife.

Padded accessory bag for lenses and equipment

Aside from a bag for a digital camera, ambitious photographers have the option of transporting their lenses securely as well. Their valuable lenses can be organized into a lens bag and kept safe from dust. A handy quiver for tripods is another useful feature for your camera equipment. This keeps your monopod or tripod secured in place for transporting.

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