Bike cases - the perfect "travel accommodation" for your bike

Bike Cases

Bike lovers take their bikes everywhere with them. But when riding is not an option you need a practical bike case for the journey! Bike cases are nothing more than transport bags for your mountain bike or road bike. If you want to provide your bike with optimal protection when camping, flying or traveling with the coach or train, then look now further than a robust bike case!

What's the point of a bike case?

Whether you're a mountain bike freak or obsessed with achieving personal bests on your road bike, you're sure to have invested a fair bit of money in your bike. To ensure that your expensive bike is well accommodated you need something that can withstand the rigors of traveling. That's where a bike case comes in. Bike cases protect against wind and rain and keep their precious contents from knocks and scratches.

But it's not only the bike that needs protecting! Your bike can get pretty dirty on a long tour. Bike cases prevent other pieces of luggage on the bus or train from getting dirty. A bike in a protective case can also be taken into a hotel room or youth hostel. Bike cases might as well be called bike pajamas!

What is required of a bike case?

First things first, a protective bike case needs to be tough. Bikes do weigh a fair bit after all. A bike case must protect against sharp edges, both from outside and within. Sturdy carry handles and a carry strap are needed for hassle-free transportation. Some bike cases feature practical shoulder straps or wheels on the bottom to aid transportation. Frame padding and separate compartments for the wheels also feature on some models. Whether you get your bike case from Vaude, Evoc, Bach or any other quality manufacturer, one thing is certain, when it comes to travel, a bike cover is a must!

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