Functional clothing performs - wherever you are, whatever the weather

Functional Clothing

Sophisticated and high-quality functional clothing is necessary equipment for every mountaineer, alpinist, and outdoor and nature enthusiast. Like water in your walking backpack: if you are passionate about enjoying nature and the mountains, you can't be without functional clothing. But it's not just the outer layers, like the hardshell and functional jacket, that belong in the outdoor clothing category. Functional clothing for the great outdoors includes all the layers of the so-called onion principle.
Functional clothing can be high-tech base layers, quick-drying fleece, a breathable softshell jacket, merino or polyester fibre undergarments, lightweight and warm down jackets or totally water and windproof hardshell functional jackets and trousers. If you want to be safe and protected in the mountains and wilderness, you absolutely must have sophisticated, functional clothing to protect you from the wind and weather.

The onion principle of functional clothing

The onion principle of functional clothing is based on the idea of using four separate layers of clothing: The first layer consists of the classic sport and thermal underwear, which wicks away perspiration from the body and also provides insulation. The second layer of functional clothing generally features a light and insulating fabric of polyester, fleece or merino wool. The third layer of the onion principle for functional clothing should be a garment made from a very warm, insulating material. This can be a lightweight down jacket, a thick fleece or a windproof softshell. And the fourth layer should be an item of clothing that repels snow, storms, and rain. A hardshell or windproof, water-repellent and breathable softshell jacket can withstand the demands of wind and weather.

Functional clothing - the protective shield of outdoor clothing

Good functional clothing has an important task to fulfil: And that is to protect the extreme alpinists and mountaineers as well as the conventional hikers and outdoor lovers from the worst weather conditions.
High-quality base layers in combination with a high-tech and lightweight insulation layer (down or PrimaLoft) keep the body warm and protects against frostbite. In rainy or snowy conditions, the classic hardshell waterproof jacket is perfect as functional clothing, protecting you from wet and therefore from cold. The principles of functional wear apply equally to every layer of clothing. So if you like to be out and about in the wilderness and the mountains - whatever the temperature and weather - functional garments simply have to be a staple in your wardrobe.

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