Grip trainers for warming up and finger training

Grip Trainers

Grip trainers are suitable for warming up as well as for developing finger strength. Many manufacturers like Beal, Black Diamond, Gripmaster or Metolius have developed plenty of clever gym and fitness equipment exactly for that purpose. These are usually small and portable, so they can easily be taken along when you go bouldering or climbing. These mobile grip trainers are also perfectly suited to a bit of quick training whenever you have a few minute spare.

Many trainers are suitable for rehab after an injury, when the fingers have to be very slowly re-adapted to the demands of climbing. You can find grip trainers for your all your needs in our shop.

Warm up correctly with the grip trainer

Warming up the fingers before climbing can often pose a problem. After all, it's your fingers that have to take most of the weight. Because of this, injuries are not uncommon. Therefore, warming up correctly with a grip trainer is best way of preventing injuries.

In addition to a light warm-up climb, there are special grip trainers available, which have been designed for sport climbing. These provide a targeted warm up of the fingers and lower-arm muscles before climbing or bouldering.

Build maximum strength with the grip trainer

An integral part of climbing training is grip training. Aside from holding onto climbing holds during climbing or bouldering, there are also various training methods available including grip boards or other similar heavy equipment.

But it doesn't always have to be a system wall or a grip board, since you can also use hand-held devices for targeted grip training - then nothing will stand in your way!

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