Gas cartridges - fuel for the outdoor kitchen

Gas Cartridges

If you have a gas stove or gas lantern for trekking, hiking or camping, you'll need the corresponding gas cartridge. You need to consider the different systems when planning your trip and buying. Because they're not all compatible with each other.

Gas cartridge for camping stoves are either valve cartridges or piercable cartridges

  • Valve cartridges are screwed directly onto the stove. The screw valve sits on the cartridge and can only open when the connection is screwed in. Therefore, a valve cartridge can be removed from the camping stove when transporting. The cooking system can be dismantled, packed away small and split into several backpacks while hiking.
  • Piercable cartridges don't have a valve and have be pierced with the hollow of the spine of the cooker. The cartridge must be completely empty before it's removed otherwise the gas will flow out. If you've finished with the camping stove till the next holiday, gas may escape from the seal over time with a piercing cartridge. A decisive advantage of piercable cartridges is their availability. They are widely used, available even in remote areas and are offered by numerous manufacturers.

What gas is in the bottle?

As well as the actual gas burner, the type of gas used plays a role in the purchase decision. Propane and butane gas are common choices, with different quantities and burning times available for various outdoor activities.Large gas cartridges are usually relatively cheaper, but aren't suitable for fast and light purposes. Primus, Edelrid, Optimus, Jetboil and MSR offer cartridges for their very reliable and sophisticated gas stoves and gas lanterns.

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