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Whether you need a women's softshell jacket, a set of trekking pants for men or sports shoes for kids - adidas will impress with its wide and versatile selection of outdoor wear. The brothers Rudolf and Adolf Dassler began to produce sports shoes specifically fitted to feet all the way back in the 1920s. And in 1949, this launched the adidas PLC whose name was chosen by its founder Adolf Dassler. Today, this company is present almost every sports discipline and offers outdoor functionwear for almost any purpose.

The outdoor shoes range includes trail running shoes with efficient rapid lacing systems and maximum grip all the way to mid-cut walking shoes and insulated winter boots. The extensive experience of adidas Outdoor can be seen in the modern outdoor shoes that are lightweight, long-lived and sturdy. Whether snugly insulated for low temperatures or water proofed with breathable Gore-Tex membrane, adidas Outdoor will meet all your needs and desires.

All Clothing Layers by adidas Outdoor

The adidas Outdoor range includes all clothing articles and functional fabrics one could want for outdoor use. From sweat removing and breathable base layers to sport shirts and functional long sleeves all the way to fleece and insulation jackets and water- and windproof outer layers made of hardshell or softshell materials.

Regardless of whether it's a light down jacket, trekking pants for ski touring and alpine treks or fashionable windproof jackets - adidas Outdoor offers a wide selection of outdoor clothing products for hikers, walking specialists and mountain climbers. Even though adidas has a long, established history of specialising in high quality workmanship of sports fabrics, adidas Outdoor also offers up to date designs with innovative cuts and materials.

Extensive Worldwide Support for adidas Outdoor Athletes

Whether its climbers, mountaineers or trail runners - adidas Outdoor supports high calibre athletes in almost all outdoor sports disciplines. Each year, adidas will help athletes with planning and equipping countless expeditions and projects. Whether it's ice climbing, skiing or ski mountaineering - the list of disciplines that adidas Outdoor supports with such enthusiasm is as extensive as the names of all athletes, male and female, who reach their peaks around the world with the help adidas Outdoor gear.

For adidas, the extensive expeditions and cooperation with the athletes are an important factor in the evaluation of new products under field condition and the testing of new materials and designs before they enter serial production using optimised designs for general sale later. As one of the most renowned and popular sports gear manufactures in the world, adidas is committed to its Outdoor line and will not settle for anything short of the best. Not for its own products, nor for its brand ambassadors with adidas Outdoor. Acceptance into the prestigious ranks of adidas athletes is thus akin to a knighting and the elevation into the top ranks of the outdoor scene.

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