Yoga blocks made of hard foam, cork or wood

Yoga blocks are usually not supplied as a single yoga block or yoga brick, but are sold in pairs as a set. Most yoga blocks are made of lightweight hard foam, which offers particularly good grip and lasting dimensional stability. In addition, there are yoga blocks made of cork or also yoga blocks made of wood.

Hard foam yoga blocks are available in many different colours and are perfect for easy transport. Yoga blocks made of cork, on the other hand, are somewhat firmer, but inspire with their natural feel and very good grip. A yoga block made of bamboo is very strong and impresses with the best possible durability during yoga.

Using yoga blocks as yoga accessories

Especially in hatha yoga, yoga blocks are popular tools to support yogis and yoginis. Yoga blocks can be used to bridge gaps and make certain asanas either easier, or more difficult. Even slightly incorrect postures can be corrected with the skilful use of yoga blocks.

A high-quality yoga block from Manduka or other yoga companies should be robust and have no sharp corners or edges. Many yoga bags are sized to comfortably fit a yoga mat, a pair of yoga blocks and a yoga strap. A yoga block is not used for meditation during yoga but provides yogis with support during asanas for beginners and advanced practitioners.

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