Geodesic tents - shelter for harsh conditions

Geodesic Tents

The standard shape of Geodesic tents is a semi-sphere, or like the shape of a dome tent. A guying of at least three crossover tent poles ensures a very stable design, which makes Geodesic tents perfect for using in tough conditions.

Advantages of Geodesic tents

The great advantage of these tents is their all-round stability. When the wind direction changes, for example at night, storm -proof designs like tunnel tents are pushed to their limits. A Geodesic offers considerably more reserves.

Because the poles are crossed and the surface area is subdivided into sectors, these tents offer more leeway in terms of the maximal snow load.

Thanks to their design Geodesic tents are also used as freestanding tents. Theoretically, they can be used without pegs - given the right weight in the tent and appropriated weather conditions.

Recommended uses for geodesic tents

Thanks to their robustness these tents are especially well suited to expeditions, mountaineering or even for winter camping. Despite their robust construction, modern Geodesic tents from brands like Ortik, Wechsel or Mountain Equipment are comparatively lightweight. This makes them suitable for many other activities like hiking, touring or camping and provides enough reserves if the worst comes to the worst.

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