Maximum sleeping comfort in a silk sleeping bag

Silk Sleeping Bag

Silk sleeping bags can be used as padding in a sleeping bag or alone as light travel sleeping bags, hut sleeping bags, or as travel sheets (travel blankets) or as comfortable additions to the sofa at home.
A silk sleeping bag (often also known as a Silk Traveller) trumps a cotton sleeping bag in almost every way. It offers heat exchange values, is robust, unbelievably lightweight, has a tiny pack size, holds its shape very well and feels simply super comfortable. These quick-drying, compact companions are better suited to warm climates, as natural silk fibre (high quality products are not made from acrylic - pay attention to the material composition on the label!) has a cooling effect because of its smooth surface.
Here is some more advice for buying and using silk sleeping bags.

What's typical for silk liners?

Silk liners are generally available in mummy shape (mummy liner) and blanket form. Open covers (blankets) are also available, which can even be used in sleeping bags. The advantage of closed models is that the feet always stay well covered. In terms of the cut, make sure you will have enough space to move around, because the material is not elastic. Mummy shaped silk sleeping bags impress with a particularly small pack size, and are prefect for use in mummy sleeping bags. In a blanket sleeping bag or for cabin use, a blanket shape is preferable in terms of comfort.
You can use a silk liner, some of which are offered with hook-and-loop-fastening and a folding side section. This makes it easier to get in and out. This item is all about comfort and since it sits directly on the skin, the hook and loop fasteners are covered and there are no zips at all.
The head section should be large enough. Sometimes silk sleeping bags have a drawstring, so that the hood can be adjusted, as it can with an outer sleeping bag. There are also models with an opening in which you can insert a pillow.
A silk sleeping bag from Sea to Summit or Cocoon comes in a handy stuff sack and is very easy to clean. They also come in attractive designs and colours, which make them more fun for the long-time user. Using a silk sleeping bag as a liner also increases the life of the silk sleeping bag, since you won't need to wash it nearly as often, so the fill power will be better maintained.
Silk sleeping bags are ideal for holidays in the tropics, for touring with light packs, for lovers of comfort and fans of natural products.

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