Sleep Comfortably when Hiking & hillwalking: with Real Thermal Sleeping Bags

Thermal Sleeping Bags

The right sleeping bag is essential for beautiful nights under the stars! Thermal sleeping bags are suitable for hut tours and for camping, they work wonderfully on hikes and for sleeping in tents.
A summer sleeping bag is just the ticket when the temperatures are milder on holidays in southern areas, or if you are planning a multi-day hike going from hut to hut. Cold weather and nights in the tent? That is when you need the right winter sleeping bag. Generally, thermal sleeping bags have a clear intended use with their temperature ranges.

The lining: Down or synthetic?

A down sleeping bag can be folded down and offers the best warmth to weight ratio with the smallest packed dimensions. Down sleeping bags are perfect for touring when you don't have much space in your backpack, e.g. for hillwalking, Interrail or backpacking.
If you are going to more damp areas, then we recommend a good synthetics sleeping bag This is because their synthetic fibre filling is impervious to moisture, and they retain their thermal output in clammy, damp nights. Another advantage of synthetic fibre: it dries quicker and easier to clean than down.
Both models can also be bought as kids' sleeping bags. Thermal sleeping mats are recommended for camping holidays, just like the adult models. They reliably insulate against cold floors so you will sleep through the night.

The shape: Mummy, Egg or Blanket?

Thermal sleeping bags come in many different shapes

  • A mummy sleeping bag offers the best insulation when compared to its weight. It surrounds the body without leaving any unnecessary empty space.
  • Restless sleepers and outdoor enthusiasts who require more comfort should go for an egg sleeping bag. These have more space inside which ensures more insulation and good thermal output.
  • Blanket sleeping bags are more suited to warmer nights and moderate use. Kids' sleeping bags are often this shape, because they give the child lots of space to move.

Practical Details for More Comfort

Features of any good thermal sleeping bag should include a hood with draft collar, which minimises the heat escaping from your head. A storm flap behind the zip prevents the build up of cold bridges. The lining is thicker on the especially sensitive parts of your body - a warm foot box makes sleeping in it that much more comfortable. Mammut, Mountain Equipment and Haglöfs have just the right sleeping bag for everyone!

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