Bivvy shoes for expeditions and alpine adventures

Bivvy Shoes

Warm feet in the bivouac or base camp are not just comfortable, but also ensure a good night's sleep in a winter sleeping bag. Bivouac shoes are not really meant for walking outdoors. These warm insulated shoes are particularly lightweight and compressible. This means they take up much less space in a climbing or walking backpack.

These Bivvy shoes by RAB, Valandre or The North Face are lined with very high quality down or warm synthetic fibres which makes them a blend of lightweight shoes and very warm socks. They provide cosy warmth for spending the night in a tent or sleeping bag. Their durable outer layer is often fitted with a water repellent dry treatment or DWR treatment, so the bivvy shoes won't get moist or wet on the inside when conditions get wet, icy or snowy, unlike down which generally loses its insulating properties in these conditions.

Lined slippers and winter boots for sub-zero temperatures

Some warm shoes are not just fantastic for bivouacking, but also act as fantastic lined slippers. Shoes used in the bivouac don't normally tend to have a very pronounced sole. Some models do however tend to be rubber coated in the sole area or come with an ultra lightweight sole, so the bivouac shoes won't fall apart when walking in the cabin.

The warm winter boots can protect a climber or alpinists toes from freezing in dangerous conditions on the off chance they need to set up an unforeseen emergency bivouac in their bivy sack. These warm shoes are very useful in minus degrees on high altitude or Arctic expeditions.

Bivouac shoes for expeditions and high-altitude mountaineers

The most extreme models will not only keep the feet warm and protect against any damage, but they also feature integrated compression straps that make them sit just right and the fit can be individually adjusted to the wearer, so that mountaineers and members of an expedition can even move through their camp with these wonderfully insulated bivouac shoes.

This also makes them perfect for making your way through rough high-altitude terrain or camps in the snow without needing to put on and then remove any heavy mountaineering boots, winter boots or expedition boots in quick succession.

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