The originals have the yellow logo: high-end Vibram soles for every type of outdoor shoe.

Vibram Soles

The Vibram soles became a vital part when it comes to outdoor activities! The Italian manufacturer gained a real reputation in the field of soles. It is strange because the sole does not catch anyone's eye that much at first sight. Whether you are wearing hiking shoes, light approach shoes, climbing shoes or proper trekking shoes, Vibram soles are reliable and down right good at their job!

How was the Vibram sole invented?

Long story short: due to a dramatic accident in the mountains. In 1935 a group of mountaineers had an accident which motivated the founder of Vibram, Vitale Bramani, (hence the name "Vi"-"Bram") to develop a sole with reliable grip on a variety of terrains. Together with Pirelli - that's right, the guys with the tires - he managed to do this very successfully and the original Carramato sole design with the star-shaped pattern in the middle was born!

For every type of shoe and every purpose there is the right sole.

Since Vibram is the top pick when it comes to soles, they have suitable soles with the best rubber compounds and the right treads for any outdoor activity you can imagine. They all have a perfect grip on the terrains for which they are made. The rubber soles have a different tread depending on their purpose and therefore have great grip on terrains such as rocky or muddy grounds.
Vibram soles absolutely stand out with a high abrasion-resistance and durability! Similar to winter and summer tires on a car, the high-end rubber compound on a mountaineering boot is different from the one used on a classy climbing shoe. And that makes sense!

Vibram Soles

Far more than just rubber with a tread

Vibram can draw on their almost 80 years of experience. Its products have become more than just a mere outsole. Several features such as cushioning, design of the heels and grip play a vital role. What is especially important for shoes for men and women is the anatomically differing last.
Even casuals shoe or high-end shoes for everyday use often feature Vibram. Especially half-shoes for use in the office are often provided with a half sole made by the Italian sole specialist!

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