Go on adventures with the outdoor knife!

Outdoor Knives

For a true outdoor adventurer, a good knife is worth gold! Someone that travels a lot out and about, needs a reliable outdoor knife for every occasion. Whether pocket knife, one hand knife, Opinel, Wenger or Gerber - a high-quality knife is an essential tool, which is an indispensable part of outdoor life. As a useful tool at trekking and hiking or to sever a rope whilst climbing, an outdoor knife should always be part of your journey. Anyone who has ever had a really good outdoor knife or a high-quality pocket knife on tour with him/her, will not want to go without it again!

What should a good knife be able to do?

High quality outdoor knives are not just like any knife. Outdoor knives are quality tools that allow for precise and safe working and are always one hundred percent reliable. To ensure that you can enjoy your knife for a long time, you have to pay attention to a few aspects during the purchase. This is to ensure that the pocket knife or outdoor knife gives you optimum service on your outdoor adventures.

A good knife should be above all, really sharp! This sharpness should last for a long time. Therefore during the purchase it is important to make sure, that the outdoor knife has a good cutting edge. A good cutting edge is understood as how good the resistance of the blade is against wear. If the knife eventually does becomes blunt, the blade should be easy to regrind. The material from which the blade is made also plays an important role. A high quality outdoor knife, but also good pocket knives should be equipped with a steel fixed blade, which should also be rustproof.

Outdoor Knives

Very high on the to-do list for quality outdoor knives, should however also be the subject of safety! A fixed blade lock prevents the knives from accidentally snapping closed. The risk of injury is thus reduced to a minimum and a safe working environment is guaranteed! Slip-resistant and ergonomic shafts ensure that the knife fits perfectly into the hand.

Reliability, safety, top workmanship - if those aspects are kept in mind during the purchase, then you will have a guaranteed perfect outdoor knife from which you will get much pleasure. With the right blade hardly anything can go wrong on your outdoor adventure!

Which outdoor knife for which purpose

The supply of high-quality outdoor knives is just as large as the possible uses. Should it be a pocket knife with many features or a one hand knife? Which handle material is preferred? What kind of blade lock is used? Even other factors such as blade length, weight, and last but not least the available budget play a role. If you however know for which purpose you need the knife and what your preferences are, then you will quickly find your personal favorite!

Outdoor Knives

What different outdoor knives exist?

The classic outdoor knife is of course the good old pocket knife. Ideal for hikers, anglers and mushroom pickers is the Opinel pocket knife. This pocket knife produced since 1890 in almost unchanged form, has a noble wooden shaft and a secure locking mechanism. When it comes to functionality, the world-renowned Swiss Army knife is unbeatable. A sharp blade, scissors, corkscrew, tweezer, saw, can opener and a file are only a handful of options offered by this pocket knife. The possible applications of this knife are virtually limitless, whether in outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing or camping or even in everyday life: a pocket knife should always find a place in your pocket!

Although one hand knives are also a subspecies of pocket knives, they stand out on the cutting ability of the blade. The knives can be opened with one hand and are thus perfect if you only have one hand available for work. The blade locking mechanism used in these knives is usually a linerlock or a frame lock. The advantage of these designs is in addition to safety, that the outdoor knife can be closed with one hand. Both precise as well as slightly larger works are easily achievable with this outdoor knife.

Of course there is also something for the outdoor youngster! Special outdoor knives for kids are adapted exactly to the anatomical conditions of the small hands. In terms of quality, they are of course just as great as the knives for adults. Of course the first aspect with regards to knives for kids is safety. Slip-resistant shafts ensure that the knife always stays where it belongs. A rounded blade and a fixed blade lock provide maximum safety. With this knife, the outdoor adventure can begin!

Those that are on tour without an outdoor knife, will quickly realize something is missing! A high quality knife simplifies many jobs that the outdoor life reveals. Whether pocket knife or one hand knife, a good knife belongs with all outdoor equipment!

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