Down jackets - feathery lightweights for challenging tours.

Lightweight Down Jackets

Down jackets are powerful, compressible and lightweight. However, when you are on a challenging tour and literally each gram counts, it makes sense to use particularly lightweight down jackets. The ultra-light products offer a range of featherweight yet very powerful jackets that will keep you amazingly warm. Ultra-light down jackets don't weigh more than lightweight wool jackets, but offer significantly more warmth. No matter if you wear them or carry them along - they will help you to keep the weight low without any compromises when it comes to warmth. Classy!

What can light down jackets do?

First things first: lightweight down jackets keep you amazingly warm. There is no need to feel chilly because of the light weight of down jackets. Of course a thickly lined jacket has better insulation than a thinner one. On the other hand thickly lined does not mean heavy. But one thing after the other.

Down is the first rate insulation material. It will keep you warm and that literally at a featherweight. The basis of light down jackets is their insulation consisting of down material. Of course the outside of the down jacket, down coat or down vest must not be made from thick or heavy fabric. By using very lightweight materials, no unnecessary weight is added in the production process. The ultralight designs come without unnecessary frills such as fur on the inside. But also by using baffle constructions, the amount of necessary down can be reduced, which makes the jacket even lighter. Matching insulation to single parts of the body is another method of reducing the necessary lining material. This simply means that body parts that need more insulation are padded to a higher extent than the other parts. No sorcery needed! Lightweight down jackets that give full insulation!

Low weight, small packed dimensions at full insulation, lightweight down jackets can do a lot for you. Down jackets are available by Patagonia, Marmot or Yeti. You can choose between soft down jackets and parkas with down lining. Hood and stand-up collar are optional, but in any case, freezing is something that will not occur.

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