Men climb like pros with the right bouldering trousers

Bouldering Trousers Men

It might sound odd but the right bouldering trousers can determine a man's success or failure on the wall. Trousers which are too tight or limit your mobility will make your best climbing technique fall like a stone. Have you ever felt like you wanted to explode when an almost successful ascent of a wall was ruined by such a triviality? If your answer is yes, you know that choosing the right bouldering trousers is an endeavor not to be taken lightly. Moreover, your climbing trousers should be an eye catcher as well. An unsolvable problem?
Not at all. Just take a look at the broad range of bouldering trousers available in our climbing shop.

What are the main characteristics of good bouldering trousers?

A good fit and unhindered mobility are by far the most important criteria. Bouldering trousers must not shrink when washed, they have to fit perfectly, and should be made of stretchable fabric. These characteristics can be achieved through an elastic weave of cotton fabrics or synthetic fibers, or by a higher proportion of elastic fibers (elastane, spandex, lycra).
Furthermore, the material should be robust for the pants should not dissolve at the first contact with stone. Many bouldering trousers have elastic cords at the leg ends for fixing rolled up pant legs.
It depends on your personal taste whether you will choose an integrated belt, belt loops, or an elastic cord without a belt (in contrast to women's bouldering trousers, those for men barely come with elastic cords).

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