Finding the right bottle holder

Bottle Holder

It can be harder than you may think! If you are on the go on your road bike, touring bike or mountain bike - getting enough fluids is very important and requires the right water bottle or hydration system. Some people swear by hydration systems stored in a bike backpack, while others stand by their classic bike bottles made of plastic or metal.
These require the correct holder. Aside from the visual aspect, the size and material as well as shape play an important part. Find out in the tips and suggestions below what you should consider when buying a bottle holder for your bike.

Features of bottle holders

Every water bottle needs the correct attachment on your bike. You can of course store it in the side pocket on your backpack or in a jersey pocket, but these solutions are not the most comfortable.
Essentially, you need to look at the liter volume of your water bottle as well as its dimensions so you can find the correct bottle holder. Most Stainless steel and aluminum bottle holders can be slightly bent if necessary.
The second important thing to note when choosing a bottle holder is where you will position it on the bike. Full suspension mountain bikes, e-bikes or ones with a special frame construction can only accommodate small holders on the frame triangle. As an alternative, bottle holders can also be attached via adapters to places with no mount points, like the seat post or handlebar.
The bottle holder material should ideally be compatible with the material the bottle is made of without causing any friction. Any type of holder can be used for plastic bottles. If your favorite bottle is made of Stainless steel or aluminum, then it is better to choose a plastic holder, or a metal one that has plastic covering. Otherwise there will be unnecessary rattling and your bottle will get scratched.
The weight of each holder is listed in their descriptions and is normally lowest on carbon holders. The shape and design of the bottle holder can be nicely fitted to the design of the bike, but can also play a very functional role as some bottle holder models are designed in such a way that you can remove the bottle from the side rather than the top.
Vaude and Elite offer great bottle holders in our shop.

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