Great-fitting yoga tights for lots of freedom of movement

Yoga Leggins

Whilst practicing yoga, you’ve got to concentrate on both your movements and your breath. Only then can you successfully master those difficult poses and bring your mind and body into balance. To achieve maximum performance and optimal comfort during your session, having the right yoga apparel is a must.

Yoga leggings feel like a second skin and they feature adjustable leg cuffs to prevent them from riding up or down. These functional tights are particularly suitable for yoga due to both their flat seams and their comfortable cut. These will prevent both pressure points from forming and uncomfortable rubbing against your skin.

Yoga apparel: synthetic fibre or cotton?

Functional tights usually feature a mix of functional fabrics. The synthetic blends are not only elastic and super durable, but also thin and breathable.

Yoga apparel can either be snug or loose fitting. Frequently used fabrics for loose fitting yoga clothes are either cotton or a blend of synthetic fibre and cotton. Yoga tights made of pure cotton aren't ideal since cotton just isn’t as stretchy as you would like it to be. By simply adding some stretchy elastane to the blend, cotton yoga leggings will become stretchy enough to be used on your yoga mat.

Breathable yoga leggings

Ankle or calf length yoga tights will offer less ventilation than yoga shorts. Breathable materials and additional ventilation areas like mesh inserts in the back of the knees will help dissipate body heat and moisture. As a result, doing the sun salutation or the tree pose repeatedly won’t make you sweat that easily.

Renowned sport and climbing apparel companies also produce functional yoga clothes. They put their many years of experience in the manufacturing of breathable tops and trousers to good use. For example, adidas, Salewa and Red Chili offer a wide range of yoga tights and functional tights, some of which are not only suitable for yoga, but also for other sports, such as Pilates or aerobics. Tight yoga leggings can be used indoors or outdoors all year round and they guarantee great freedom of movement. Plus, you'll rock an athletic look when combining them with a short yoga top.

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