Perfectly smooth skiing with the right ski wax application

Ski Wax Application

The ski waxinf tools. Winter sports enthusiasts tend to forget about it. Until they get stuck in the snow and can't get off the spot. A flawless ski base forms the basis of a smooth-gliding ski and, in turn, a successful tour. That's why maintaining your ski base is as important as snow is for winter. But what exactly is the ski base? What if it is scratched? How do you repair the base?

What is the ski base?

Winter sport enthusiasts generally regard the ski base as the surface underneath the ski wax. A good ski base is robust, smooth, and provides a good adhesive surface for the wax. Ski bases are either made of extruded or sintered polyethylene. Excruded polyethylene is somewhat softer and thus more vulnerable to damages. Its sintered form is harder and will establish a better adhesive bonding with the wax.

What if the ski base is damaged?

Don't throw in the towel - or your skis - if the ski base is scratched or otherwise damaged. In case of damages, you can refer to your local shop or repair the skis yourself by means of a repair candle. In order to do so, use a wax remover to clear the ski base from the wax and clean it with a brush afterwards. When you're finished, light the candle and let the wax drip on the damaged surface. Let the wax harden, grind down the excess wax, and you're good to go!

The ski wax application requires good and regular care, too. The fine pores in the ski base must be filled with wax at all times. Otherwise the ski base can lose its gliding properties. All you need is your desired ski wax and a waxing iron. If you don't have a waxing iron, you can also use a regular iron. Use special brushes with the right brush attachments for applying the wax. If you like, you can additionally treat the ski base with a structure roller. In doing so, you enhance the gliding properties significantly.

In order to keep the ski bases as smooth as on day one, look for tools like waxing units, brushes, repair candles, wax removers, and structure roller sets by manufacturers like Toko and Swix.

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