Running shorts for training and trail running

Running Shorts

Running shorts by Craft, Pearl Izumi or Salomon fit perfectly and help you achieve your peak performance for running training and support runners during their training sessions. On pavement or forest paths, for a marathon, triathlon or trail running - good running trousers are essential for ambitious amateurs and for professional runners. An efficient running session needs the right equipment - trail shorts or running shorts in combination with running shoes and running shirts.

Perfect ventilation, high breathability and as low a weight as possible are the most important properties for short running trousers. Since every gram counts for the ambitious runner, running trousers are constructed even more lightweight than MTB shorts or hiking shorts.

Running tights or running shorts - how tight should running trousers be?

The most important thing is that the running trousers fit perfectly and sit well. They should be neither too tight nor too loose. If they pinch or chafe, it will soon make running unbearably painful. Elastic materials that continuously go with every movement are perfect for running trousers.

Some trail shorts and running skirts are equipped with comfortable mesh inserts and promise optimum ventilation on hot days. Running tights, for their part, fit like a second skin and promise a maximum range of motion. Both designs are very popular with runners. When choosing between tights and shorts, personal taste and individual running habits play a decisive role. Many runners do not make an exclusive choice, but adapt their running wear to the weather and the course they plan to run each day.

Short running trousers with useful functions

Unlike outdoor shorts, trail shorts usually have no or only a very few small pockets. Depending on your preferred running wear, pockets are not necessarily essential in running trousers. Generally, running jackets or running vests offer enough space for keys, energy gels and a music player. Nevertheless, small zipped pockets are a practical feature for running trousers. Often, there is a central pocket at the back, at the height of the waistband. That way, the pocket doesn't get in the way while running and the contents are easy to reach.

Reflective elements on running shorts, running shirts and running shoes dramatically increases runners' safety. Without them, runners are easy to overlook in traffic, especially in the dark winter months. This is why running wear should always have reflectors.

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