Road bike tyres

Road Bike Tires

Road bike tyres play an important role on the drivability of your bike. They’re the only points of contact between you and the ground. The tyre’s grip depends on both the rubber compound and the profile. However, more grip often means more rolling resistance, so the perfect tyre must provide a perfect balance between grip and rolling resistance. Having good tyres is important!

Treads and rubber compounds

When your bike needs new tyres, you have to be clear about the intended purpose. Will you be riding on wet grounds? Do you need excellent cornering abilities even in difficult conditions? Or are you looking for lightweight folding tyres that provide minimum rolling resistance for competitions? Manufacturers, such as Continental, offer a wide range of tyres with different treads and rubber compounds. Not only are there tyres for specific uses, but you’ll also find all-rounders, performance-oriented models and more comfortable tyres.

Diameters, designs and the correct pressure

Road Bike Tires

The diameter of a bike tyre is measured in inches. Unlike mountain bikes, road bikes are equipped with 28-inch tyres. In addition, tyres are divided into two categories: folding tyres and clincher tyres. Folding tyres are of higher quality, since they don’t have wires in their flanks, and they can easily be folded and put into a backpack. Clincher tyres are cheaper and not as thin, and manufacturers often use them as OEM tyres. Moreover, the diameter of a tyre determines its pressure. Small diameters, such as 23 mm, are inflated up to 10 bars and roll very easily. Diameters of up to 30 mm only require 5 to 6 bars, which makes a road bike more comfortable to drive. However, thin and hard tyres have the lowest rolling resistance on slippery grounds and on roads. As for tubular tyres, which are used as road bike tyres as well as for cyclo-cross, are glued to specially designed rims.

Tube vs. tubeless

Usually, you should always have a spare tube and a bike pump with you on your road bike. However, many tyres can also be used without a tube. In this case, the tube is replaced with a different technology. It requires the insertion of a special rim tape into the rim base, a sealed valve and a special sealing fluid that ensures it’s leak-proof. Tubeless systems are more lightweight, they guarantee smooth driving and they’re better protected against punctures compared to conventional systems.


Choosing the right road bike tyre can significantly improve the drivability of your bike. To enhance your bike’s durability, you should choose good tyres. You’re guaranteed to find tyres that match your needs in our shop.

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