Platform pedals for enhanced grip and safety

Also known as flat pedals, platform pedals have a big surface area. They have small pins both on the top and bottom that'll stick into the soft soles of your MTB shoes. You won't need to worry on fast descents and during jumps because the platform pedals will stick to your shoes.

Flat pedals are safer, since you can quickly take your foot off to set it down and support yourself on the ground. This prevents beginners from falling to the side or flipping over the handlebars.

Platform vs. clipless pedals

For road cyclists, clipless pedals are the way to go because they offer a better power transfer and are more lightweight. Road cycling shoes are also specially designed for such pedals.

When it comes to mountain biking, the pedals and shoes you need will depend on your riding style, area of use and personal preference. For racing, cross-country and touring, mountain bikers tend to go for clipless pedals with the matching MTB shoes. Some riders also enjoy using clipless pedals for freeriding, downhill and enduro. However, platform pedals tend to be more popular when it comes to these disciplines thanks to their wide platform and the fact that they can wear different types of cycling shoes and sneakers. Especially when practicing jumps, flat pedals are ideal because it'll prevent you from falling and getting hurt. Mountain bikers have so many flat pedals to choose from, varying in quality, design and weight.

The right MTB shoes for flat pedals

You can't just wear any shoes if you want to ride on platform pedals. The sole should be relatively flat, i.e. without aggressive lugs, and the rubber compound should be soft rather than firm. The quality also matters because otherwise the pedal's pins will wear out the sole quickly.

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