Warm and lightweight PrimaLoft jackets

PrimaLoft Jackets

The development of today's PrimaLoft jackets goes back to the 1980s. The goal of the American developer was to create a synthetic fibre for functional clothing and sleeping bags which was as lightweight and warm as down but not so susceptible to damp, and easier to maintain.

The result of the research was a cushy synthetic fibre, which provides the best insulation, is very light, quick drying and reliably warming even in wet conditions. Since then, PrimaLoft has not completely replaced the classic down jackets with their insulating filling of duck or goose down, but a large proportion of winter jackets and warm outdoor jackets are made with PrimaLoft material.

Efficient imitation down made from synthetic fibre

Down as a material is not without its problems. Not all manufacturers of down jackets and sleeping bags use down that has been certified with the RDS (Responsible Down Standard). This is the only way that you can be completely sure that all the important requirements of animal protection necessary for responsible down processing have been adhered to.

This problem is obviously not an issue for the manufacturers of PrimaLoft jackets with their insulation made from polyester fibre. Instead of using the CUIN value, the thickness of the insulation in PrimaLoft clothing is stated according to the PrimaLoft method. Depending on its recommended use insulation is made from either PrimaLoft Gold or PrimaLoft Silver. Whether its PrimaLoft coats, PrimaLoft trousers or PrimaLoft vests - the properties of this comfortable and lightweight material are useful in all winter and functional textiles. Some of the best advantages include a quick drying time and efficient warming properties, making PrimaLoft jackets a reliable down replacement. Down which hasn't been treated will form into clumps in damp conditions. This reduces the fill power and with it the insulating qualities of the down jacket. PrimaLoft material on the other hand functions well in wet and damp conditions without needing any additional treatment, so it is already one step ahead of down in bad weather.

Insulated mid-layers and warm outdoor jackets

The warming PrimaLoft lining in winter jackets and outdoor jackets is quilted between a robust outer material and a light inner material. The separate chambers hold the PrimaLoft filling in position so that it doesn't move around inside the jacket. This means that PrimaLoft Jackets from Maloja, Schöffen or Vaude retain their stable shape and their consistent insulation, even during athletic mountain activities or winter sports.

As well as pure PrimaLoft jackets, this puffy synthetic fibre is also used for combined insulation in wool jackets, softshell jackets or hardshell jackets, which makes PrimaLoft a versatile feature in all types of outdoor sports, casual jackets and warm and functional everyday clothing.

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