Floor pumps

Upright Pumps

Everyone who wants to maintain their own bike needs a floor pump. Whether it’s for your road bike, trekking bike or mountain bike, floor pumps can bring the tyre pressure up in seconds. While floor pumps work in seconds, mini pumps can take a few minutes. Models from Airace and Zefal have pressure gauges that provide precise information about air pressure.

The difference between road bikes and mountain bikes

Both road and mountain bike pumps are designed to quickly inflate inner tubes to the desired pressure. MTB models can sometimes take up to a maximum of 6 bar, while road bikes usually, depending on the design, take 10-12 bar. In general, all floor pumps have valves or valve adapters to fit both Dunlop valves as well as car valves and Schrader valves. Special high-pressure pumps have valve adapters for suspension forks and shock absorbers to be able to provide the spring elements with a high pressure level.

Special features

Pumps differ in their hose length, the pump volume, the pressure gauge and the design of the valve head. Usually, all high-quality pumps are delivered with a manometer or a pressure gauge. Some models for racing purposes are equipped with additional slots for CO2 cartridges, so the first part of the pumping process can be completed very quickly. The cartridge system is also ideally suited for installing tubeless systems.

Floor pumps are great cycling companions and are guaranteed to last you for years. And you should look at all their features and your requirements before purchasing one. Even if you have a small budget, you’ll certainly find models that can effectively carry out the basic functions.

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