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The true sign of surfer and skater Style: The Volcom Stone


Created on a snowboarding trip in North American Tahoe, the idea for Volcom has spread around the world since its conception in the early 90s. With their motto and guiding principle "Youth against Establishment" as well as the famous Volcom Stone, the two company founders Richard Wolcott and Tucker Hall spent most of their time snowboarding, skating and surfing and much less time designing and selling their Volcom clothing.

But for that, they brought the style and spirit of Volcom around the world. This special style quickly showed off the spirit that Volcom brought to life. From clothing, skate or surfing videos to marketing campaigns - Volcom developed its own style on all fronts, which has become one of the most popular on the board scene and is copied by envious competitors time and time again.

Volcom and their Athletes, Artists and Musicians

Volcom has a different set of values than the rest of the industry. While other surf brands and skating companies are always on the lookout for the best competitive riders or beautiful advertising medium, Volcom supports guys with character, with rough edges, with personality and above all, with style. Members of the legendary Volcom Family come from all over the world and are one of a kind in their sports and as people. Among them are real living legends, like Kelly Slater, Coco Ho, Ryan Sheckler, Jamie Lynn or Terje Haakonsen, all of whom have been working with Volcom for years.

A broad spectrum of artists, photographers, filmmakers and musicians compliment the professional surfers, skateboarders and snowboarders in the Volcom Family, and add their own distinct touch which serves to expand and define the Volcom brand. Volcom Entertainment has been around since the beginning, as a record company, events manager and film producer around the globe. Volcom and its brand logo, the Volcom Stone, has long been the stuff of legend: the diamond has become ingrained with street art and pop culture and represents, as it always has, the "Youth against Establishment" movement.

The "Riding Company" from the United States

There are Volcom branches spread across the globe. Mainly in places where you can catch a few waves right outside the office door. From Hossegor on the French Atlantic Coast to Costa Rica, Bali or Vancouver - Volcom is always right at the centre of the scene and also offers its employees unique possibilities to combine work with sports. For one thing, practically all it takes to host their legendary events and surf contests is to walk outside the door.

Volcom is definitely more than just party and beach life though. The products made by this innovative US skate and snowboarding company stand out for their incredible quality, their distinctive and pioneering style as well as their many small details, which make it very clear that this is not just some old designer clothing, bags and accessories, but there is actually a huge amount of surfing, skating and snowboarding knowledge put into them. Aside from the good intention of straying off the scene's beaten path as lateral thinkers and pioneers, Volcom are always expanding on their "New Future" philosophy, which has environmental protection and social responsibility at the forefront.

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