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Function, Form and Color


1979: Norrøna makes a real technical breakthrough, producing the first Gore-Text jacket in Europe! This was a milestone and to this day, many product lines by this luxury equipment specialist enjoy a cult status. Svalbard, Falketind, Lyngen, Lofoten, Narvik, etc. The top priority has always been the perfect functionality of the clothing. Yet, Norrøna outdoor clothing has still always proved its bravery in minimalistic design and powerful color choices - guaranteeing good moods all round!

Norrøna: Scandinavian style for outdoor clothing!

Their completely modern designs often hide the fact that Norrøna is a brand with a long history. This stretches all the way back to 1929 and began with backpacks, tents and sleeping bags. Outdoor equipment still forms part of their portfolio today, although the brand is better known for its high quality mountain sports clothing.
And the Norwegians have considerable experience in this area. As early as 1977, they were producing outdoor jackets from Gore-Tex jackets and were the first manufacturers in Europe at the time to use the functional membrane. Many product lines went on to become classics: Svalbard, Falketind, Lyngen, Lofoten und Narvik, to name but a few, which are all big names to outdoor enthusiasts.

Norrøna's Design Principle

Less is more, goes the motto. In the company, this takes the name of Loaded Minimalism. For the clothing, this means that all the important details for outdoor pursuits are included, but without any added frills or compromising on functionality. That's why the clothing is designed to be minimalist - quite brave with regards to the colors - and consistently trimmed down for optimal functionality.


Functionality and Durability

With a hardshell jacket or touring pants from Norrøna, the wearer can rest assured that absolutely everything fits perfectly and that there's nothing unnecessary weighing you down. This is because the company has been producing equipment for challenging endeavors in the wildest corners of the earth for many years. From expeditions to the North and South pole to winter ascents in the Himalayas and first descents from secluded summits. This is where reliable, durable material is an absolute necessity! One particular quote from the owner gets straight to the heart of this aspiration for their own products: "A new product is great, but a product that's ten years-old is actually even better."

Things Worth Knowing about Norrøna

You may be surprised to know that there isn't a large corporation hiding behind this brand, which was established near Oslo. In fact, even today it's still owned and managed by the founding family. The company doesn't heavily advertise that they style the biggest part of their collections themselves and design the samples in the prototype workshop at their original headquarters. These samples are tested extensively under hard to extreme conditions and only then are they allowed to enter into production.
Likewise, great importance is attached to the subject of corporate responsibility and it is taken very seriously. This begins with the choice of suppliers and goes as far as avoiding air transport as much as possible. Norrøna develops relationships with its suppliers and strives for long-term partnerships. Factory tests and checks ensure fair working conditions in other parts of the world. So it goes without saying that recycled products are used as starting materials for the fabrics whenever possible.

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