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Almost every generation values the functionality and sporty design of the Jack Wolfskin outdoor clothing that aims to be a steady companion during unique nature experiences, following the motto "At home outside". Jack Wolfskin functional clothing provides the perfect conditions to fully appreciate the moments in nature. - after all, warm, dry skin, great freedom of movement and protection from the elements are all vitally important in keeping outdoor enthusiasts in high spirits.

The rapid rise of Jack Wolfskin outdoor clothing

At the beginning of the eighties, Jack Wolfskin grew from a small brand of the label Sine to an independent company with an impressive success story. Since its founding in Frankfurt on the Main in 1981, Jack Wolfskin experienced strong growth and in 1993 opened its first very own brand outlet. Hundreds more of such outlets followed all over the world and made Jack Wolfskin widely recognised all across the European continent.
Specialist at first only on outdoor clothing, Jack Wolfskin has long since expanded its range to also offer outdoor shoes and backpacks for every role and purpose.

Jack Wolfskin shows respect for nature

As ever present as Jack Wolfskin functional clothing is in cities and out in the country, the incredible and tireless environmental efforts of this Idstein-based company are much less well-known. As an example, Jack Wolfskin achieved Leader Status in the FairWear Foundation in 2016, which makes it one of the leading companies when it comes to fair and social working conditions throughout the entire supply chain. In addition to that, it also has a growing number of bluesign certified products. The bluesign certificate certification stands for the resource-friendly and sustainable production of Jack Wolfskin functional clothing. The entire Jack Wolfskin underwear collection is certified with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which means that the textiles are free from any harmful chemical residues. A large amount of the clothing is already free of any PFC (per and polyfluorinated chemicals) which brings it one step closer to a non-toxic and more nature friendly way of producing functional clothing. Working together with environmental institutes, this amount is constantly increasing.
Production is not the only area in which a more sustainable and fair approach is practised, but all internal affairs are also looked at from a planet-friendly point of view. Business trips are taken by train as much as possible, PVC is avoided when new Jack Wolfskin stores are being created and the focus at each location is green electricity through the use of photovoltaic systems.

Jack Wolfskin Outdoor Clothing with the Brand's own High Tech Materials

Jack Wolfskin has developed a range of their own product technologies that provides the wearer with fantastic weather protection, cosy warmth and the most incredible freedom of movement, to ensure that anyone who chooses to wear Jack Wolfskin waterproof jackets, insulated clothing and outdoor trousers is well prepared for whatever nature throws at them. The most well known of these is the Texapore membrane, which is used in Jack Wolfskin waterproof jackets and was developed in collaboration with the renowned Japanese company Toray (known, among other things for their Dermizax membrane). There are membrane technologies with different hydrostatic heads as well as many different properties to do with how robust it is, depending on what is needed for the tour. Texapore membrane can also be found in Jack Wolfskin shoes, as it makes them waterproof. Materials like Downfiber or Fibercloud give off plenty of cosy warmth, while the Jack Wolfskin backpacks have advanced carry systems like ACS (Air Control System) or Flexmotion that make them incredible comfortable to wear - no matter how long or short the tour may be!

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