Face any challenge with baselayer and underwear by Icebreaker

Icebreaker Functional Underwear

The right underwear is the most important piece of mountaineering equipment. Underwear by Icebreaker is perfectly suitable as the bottom layer of the onion principle. Baselayer and underwear by Icebreaker is light, very thin, perfectly breathable, and has a high thermal performance. And what's best: The material for Icebreaker underwear is 100% natural.

Icebreaker is based in New Zealand and was founded in 1995. The company's business concept was to put an alternative to synthetic outdoor clothing on the market. And they did it by using the wool of merino sheep! Icebreaker's high quality outdoor clothing doesn't only comprise baselayer and underwear, but also Icebreaker Merino for every layer of the onion principle.

What makes Icebreaker underwear so different?

Underwear by Icebreaker is so popular among outdoor enthusiasts because of the merino wool miracle fiber. Merino sheep live in mountain regions and are perfectly adapted to the weather conditions. Their wool proves this assumption. Its particularly fine fiber allows the manufacturer to produce an extremely thin fabric. Therefore, Icebreaker underwear is enormously comfortable and fits your body like a second skin. Even after long and intensive use, underwear by Icebreaker never feels uncomfortable. Merino fiber keeps your body warm, absorbs sweat without feeling wet, and dries quickly. The fabric immediately wicks moisture outwards where it can evaporate. Moreover, fabric made of merino wool is very light.
A material with so many outstanding characteristics is exactly the right ingredient for Icebreaker underwear. Another great aspect of merino wool is that it barely takes on odours. This feature is particularly useful when you're on a longer trip without the possibility to change your Icebreaker underwear. It is not even a problem to wash it on the go. Icebreaker underwear is easy to clean, dries quickly, and will be ready for use in no time.

Hiking, trekking, climbing, or skiing: Thanks to its excellent thermal performance, Icebreaker underwear is the perfect bottom layer for all outdoor activities. Extremely thin, highly breathable, insulating, easy to clean, odour neutral, and resistant to dirt. Underwear by Icebreaker comprises all these outstanding characteristics. What else could outdoor enthusiasts wish for?

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