Elbow pads for downhill and freeride mountain bikers

Elbow Pads

Mountain bikers suffer the most severe injuries when they fall on their head. Fortunately, most of them are well protected by a good mountain bike helmet. The other body parts that mountain bikers often injure are their back, elbows and knees. That's why elbow protectors are recommended for trail, downhill, enduro, and freeride.

Protector jacket or separate elbow pads?

Mountain bikers wear protector jackets for fast downhill rides with a high risk of falling in order to protect their upper body. Some models come equipped with protectors for different body parts. Back, chest, shoulders, collarbones, elbows, and armpits are protected by padding and covered by solid plastic. This provides effective protection against impact and abrasion for the most important body parts.

Mountain bikers who aren't constantly on the limit on downhill runs tend to use separate elbow pads. Compared to protector jackets, elbow protectors provide more flexibility and breathability.Of course, you have to make sure that your elbow protectors fit tightly and comfortably and that they won't slip in a crash. High-quality protectors by IXS and POC fulfill these requirements. Elbow protectors are highly recommended for trails, enduro, and freeride. In most bike parks they are mandatory anyway.

Washing and maintaining elbow protectors

Helmets, back protectors, and downhill jackets require regular maintenance. Knee pads and arm protectors absorb sweat like sponges and start to smell in no time. So mountain bikers should wash their protectors by hand on a regular basis. Apart from the hygienic aspect, this also ensures the protectors last longer.

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