Frequently Asked Questions - Alpinetrek Partner Program

What's the idea behind the partner program?

A partner program is in effect just like the good old personal recommendation. You add our advertisement on your page, which means you recommend our service to your visitors. When one of your visitors clicks through from your page to ours and buys our products, we will give you a commission on the sale as a little "thank you".

Why is becoming a partner a good thing?

People visit your pages because you offer honest, valuable, and reliable information. They will trust your recommendations, which is why adverts on your page will be taken seriously. Ideally, your page should have something to do with outdoor activities, climbing, mountain sports, or something else in that area. Placing one of our banners on your site will mean that you can offer your visitors additional relevant information. You might even want to write a review about one of our products and include a link to our page with it. The idea is to support any interest in buying a particular item by including a link that will get your visitors exactly where they need to go to get that product.

What are the advantages of joining a partner program?

For the advertising partner (ergo you): It doesn't really matter if you are maintaining a website as a business or simply as your hobby – you invest a lot of your time in it (and probably a bit of money as well). Becoming our advertising partner means that you can have an easily manageable and completely risk-free source of extra income. It won't cost you a cent of your own money, and you don't have to worry about achieving some minimum turnover or anything like that. You won't even have to be particularly technology-savvy – and we're here if you do need any help.
For your visitors: You offer your visitors additional value if they can find items they are interested in buying via your site. You do that by simply adding some topic-relevant, well-placed advertising. It will give your visitor the reassuring feeling of finding exactly what he or she is looking for and your recommendation of what shop to go to.
For Alpinetrek: Your placement of one of our many advertising objects (banner, text links, etc.) will allow us to gain new customers and boost sales.

How much do I get paid?

We use the pay-per-sale remuneration model. That means we will pay you a commission on any sales realized by customers recommended by you within 30 days of their first visit to our shop from your pages. Our standard commission is 7% of net sales. Commissions from subsequently returned products are excluded. We will remit your commission on a monthly basis, provided the resulting amount reaches €25.

What sort of marketing material is available to me?

You can choose from a wide variety of graphic logos, HTML banners, text links, CSV feeds and more – whatever best suits your website.

How does it all work in terms of technology?

Our system will automatically recognize any visitor at our shop who has clicked through from your website (that is called referrer tracking). It will then store a so-called cookie on the computer of that visitor. A cookie is a tiny text file containing your partner ID and the validity period of that referral. The 'validity' is the number of days the cookie will remain on that computer. When that same visitor then returns to the Alpinetrek shop at a later time to buy something, the cookie will point to you as the referrer of that customer. This method will ensure that your partner ID will be automatically credited with all of the sales generated within his first 30 days by a visitor, who originally clicked through to us from your website.

Any other questions?

Don't worry – we won't let you down! Go ahead and ask us via email to , or give us a call at +49 7121 7012-132. We're here to help.