The North Face DryVent: Robust, Easy to Clean and Reliable

The North Face DryVent

Reliable and consistently waterproof protection against moisture, with consistent high breathability! Both of these extremes are combined in DryVent! The North Face uses this coating on waterproof jackets, winter jackets and outdoor trousers. You will find these waterproof, breathable hardshell products throughout the complete product range offered by the Californian company, all of which offer a high hydrostatic head and incredible weather protection!

How Does DryVent Work

It is a polyurethane coating, a special coating technology to be exact, that the Californian company developed themselves. The outdoor jackets in question feature small additional lettering next to the TNF logo which gives information about the technology used. So take a closer look!
The coating gives the fabric micro-porous and hydrophobic properties. Sweat can escape through tiny pores in the form of water vapour, but the relatively much larger water drops that form outside the jacket will never find a way inside to your body. As this process works entirely without a membrane, these waterproof and breathable properties will remain in tact throughout the entire lifespan of the item of clothing!

The Right Fabric for Every Occasion

The North Face has different versions in its range. These differ from each other when it comes to their make up, and are thus used for other groups of products.

  • The standard design is the two-layered version. Layer 1 is woven and durable, layer 2 is the aforementioned PU coating. The 2-layer material is used to make skiing, climbing and everyday clothing.

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