Versatile, Reliable and of Course Very Warm: Thinsulate Insulation!

Thinsulate Insulation

The Thinsulate Insulation by 3M is a whole family of synthetic fibre padded products for the widest variety of uses. The insulation is made of wafer thin, woven plastic fibres. The more a lining made of synthetic fibre manages to lock in air, the better its insulation is. The padding stores the air that is warmed by your body and creates a warm padding around you. Body moisture is also able to evaporate out, which in turn improves the inner climate.

What makes Thinsulate a highly functional insulation material?

Short and sweet: It is quite thin insulation in relation to its thermal output. It is additionally very lightweight, moisture-resistant and warm! This means that the final product in which padding is used that will wear out less and won't bother you whilst keeping you warm, even during high exertion. The fibres will not clump together when they get wet, as opposed to other insulation materials like down. Very low temperatures and unpleasant, wet weather will never be a real problem when worn with a waterproof outer material or under a hardshell jacket.
Another thing that is just important is the easy and uncomplicated cleaning of the clothing. After all, no real Alpine Trekkers are going to be clean as a whistle when they get home. The lining itself is very easy to wash and can be tumble dried. But watch out: Definitely take a look at the companies washing instructions, because the insulation is only one of the important parts of the product.

What is Thinsulate Really Great for?

The lining is the perfect solution any time you don't have much space for cold protection. The fabric is best suited for winter boots, winter shoes, beanies and gloves and makes for an altogether thin material.
When used in outdoor clothing like ski trousers and ski jackets, this insulation creates comfortable heat padding, protects the wearer against cooling down and is barely noticeable. This does not reduce freedom of movement, the grip - important for a skiing glove - remains in tact and the cold doesn't stand a chance!

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