Thermoball by PrimaLoft

Thermoball The North Face

Behind the interesting combination of the words "Thermo" + "Ball" is a new and innovative insulation technology by The North Face, which has been developed in line with PrimaLoft®. PrimaLoft® is a popular manufacturer of insulation materials for clothing. The goal of this production is to imitate the positive properties of down insulation using synthetic fibres whilst at the same time doing away with the negative properties of real down feathers or other standard synthetic fibres available on the market.

One jacket for all adventures

Thermoball feels like a down, insulates like down, can be folded down to a compact size like down, but it isn't down. Thermoball still stands out for its effective thermal output, very low weight, its ability to dry quickly and to also still keep you warm when it is wet.

"One jacket for all adventures" means that the Thermoball is incredibly versatile for all types of sport that require good breathability and insulation, like hillwalking, trekking and trail running. Thermoball combined with a hardshell can withstand all weather conditions like wind, rain and ice. When used as a layer, it will keep you nice and warm and its low weight ensures fantastic freedom of movement.

Thermoball products are super-light and have an extremely small pack size. Plenty of Thermoball jackets can be stored in their own inside pocket that is made specially for that purpose, so they can fit into virtually every backpack. It is not only the small Thermoballs that are responsible for the low weight, but also the woven fabrics and the very lightweight outer material.

Warmth - without the disadvantages of down

The advantage of Thermoball products are that, as opposed to real down, the Thermoball will still keep you warm when it gets wet and dries much faster. This makes Thermoball a great alternative to classic down and guarantees uncompromising heat, even when it gets wet. Thermoballs still has the same thermal output as 600 goose down.

Synthetic fibres are also a better option for the animal lovers among us, as they aren't made using products of animal origin which means we are not left with a guilty conscience when wearing them.

  • Microfibre clusters store heat
  • Insulates even when wet
  • Thermal output like 600 down
  • Extremely lightweight with small packed dimensions

Thermoball technology

Thermoballs are small, round and very fine microfibre clusters, similar to balls, with the positive properties of goose feathers. Thermoball is "fluffy" like down and can be folded down very small thanks to its high compressibility.

The way in which Thermoballs heat, just as down does, is with air. The air between the small Thermoballs is heated by the body and is kept there between the small balls. This creates a warm air cushion around the body.

With Thermoballs the saying goes "better off washing it again" as this doesn't affect its properties. As opposed to standard synthetic fibres, the Thermoballs will not stick together even after regular washes.

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