Classic Evazote sleeping mats

Evazote Sleeping Mats

Evazote sleeping mats (in short: EVA) are the perfect companions for camping, walking or even expeditions. They are classified as foam sleeping mats, are extremely light and close to indestructible. Evazote is an interlinked foam that consists of closed cells and has great insulation values.
In addition to that, Evazote sleeping mats are great on rocky, edgy or sharp grounds where inflatable sleeping mats can be heavily damaged.

Evazote sleeping mats - better safe than sorry

Especially while you're winter touring, doing an expedition or on a trekking tour off the beaten track it's important that you're equipped with a reliable surface to sleep on with good insulation values. In this case, Evazote sleeping mats can be recommended due to their easy handling. In addition to that the foam sleeping mats can be used as a protecting surface for inflatable sleeping mats. This increases the comfort while you're sleeping, provides you with insulation and prevents your inflatable sleeping mat from being damaged.

You can easily unroll your Evazote sleeping mat on the go and attach it to the front of your backpack for transport. You won't even notice it there and on every break you always have a suitable surface to sit on handy.

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