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Save the planet with Tentree


As simple as the Tentree founder's idea may be - it has the best impact on surfers, mountain bikers, hikers and outdoor lovers. For each item of clothing that Tentree sells, the company plants ten new trees.

Tentree comes from Canada, but doesn't restrict its reforestation to North America. In 2016 they had already planted over 10 million trees. Among these were those in South America, India, Nepal and Africa. The makers of Tentree work with a number of non-profit organisations in many different countries, as they cannot personally plant every single tree.

Have a positive influence on our future

Tentree has very ambitious goals. They want every Tentree customer to directly and positively influence their environment by planting ten trees. In addition to that, every wearer of Tentree clothing is automatically committed to environmental protection and sustainable social awareness. That is why more people should be brought into contact with Tentree and their philosophies, so that more ambitious projects for environmental protection and social responsibility can be brought to the forefront.

The high demand for Tentree is of course also down to the production and distribution of their T-shirts, hoodies, trousers and accessories. That is why Tentree also only works with companies who can guarantee fair working conditions and social compatibility. This approach is also of course meant to positively influence the social standards, especially when customers buy their clothing with this important criteria in mind.

Recognising the importance of ecological and social responsibility

Tentree's enormous success can be attributed largely not only to their great business model, but also their fantastic attention to detail. That is why the sale proceeds from these stylish T-shirts and sweaters do not just go into planting any trees just anywhere. Instead, areas are chosen in which reforestation is likely sustainable and makes the most sense in terms of longevity, as those trees are not just meant to be planted, but they are meant to grow and be protected wherever they are placed. The selection of the types of plants also plays a large role, as different trees are more or less suitable for each specific region. Tentree is supported by the experienced partners and NGOs present in each individual forestation region.

The transparent communication of their actions and the exact supervision of each individual factor during production of Tentree clothing makes it easy for every environmental protection agency to get excited about the projects undertaken by the Canadian surfers and cycling enthusiasts. Nothing stands in the way of the Environmental protection domino effect now, as Tentree successfully shows that environmentally friendly and socially responsible fashion can also look incredibly stylish.

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