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From the “fountain of pearls" to sponsoring the US cycling team

Pearl iZUMi cycling clothes were developed at a time where the market for functional cycling hadn’t been born. Back then, a bike was only a means of transport, not yet a piece of sports equipment.

For many years, the company’s founder Kinji Shimizu transported clothes by bike and delivered them to his customers in Tokyo, Japan. He cycled 50 km per day whilst carrying 40 kg of products on his bike and did this in all weathers. Shimizu noticed early on that riding with non-functional cycling apparel wasn’t going to cut it, so he decided to create his own breathable, form-fitting and quick-drying cycling clothes. He developed the first Pearl iZUMi cycling apparel in 1950.

Pearl iZUMi’s cycling shorts and shoes are specially built for cyclists

The word “Izumi” in Pearl iZUMi simply means "pearl” in English. Plus, the Japanese region of Izumi is known for its particularly pure springs, so the company's name refers to a “fountain of pearls." Pearl iZUMi views cycling as much more than just a way of getting from point A to point B, which is why they focus on manufacturing products with a clear and functional design.

Hiro, Shimizu's son, also found that cycling was a way to escape everyday life and to get closer to both nature and himself. As an aspiring cyclist, his father developed a special Pearl iZUMi cycling jersey that would provide more targeted support to enhance his athletic performance. In addition, the Japanese company placed great emphasis on environmental protection and energy-saving production early on and developed solutions to make not only sportswear more efficient, but also the entire production more sustainable. Many years after its founding, Pearl iZUMi moved its headquarters from Japan to Colorado in North America.

Pearl Izumi

Pearl iZUMi clothes for cyclists and mountain bikers

The Pearl iZUMi shop includes a wide selection of functional and technical cycling clothes for commuters, cyclists, tourers, gravel bikers and mountain bikers. In other words, no matter what type of rider you are, Pearl iZUMi has cycling apparel for you.

They produce short-sleeved cycling jerseys, cycling gloves, cycling jackets, cycling bottoms, cycling one-piece suits and practical accessories, such as cycling socks, headbands and cycling caps. Pearl iZUMi’s stylish cycling shoes for mountain bikers and road cyclists are made of high-quality materials and will complement the rest of your outfit.

Pearl iZUMi’s technologies: P.R.O., Elite and Select

Pearl iZUMi divides its cycling clothing into three different technology categories. Pearl iZUMi's Select technology includes everyday functional apparel for commuting, touring and daily rides. As for the Elite technology, it’s specially built for road cyclists and mountain bikers, and it offers more stretch and a pleasant fit.

Cyclists who are looking for the best technology available should opt for the Pearl iZUMi P.R.O. technology because it offers the optimal blend of perfection and performance. This is worn by the USA cycling team during training and competitions since it offers the best ergonomic and aerodynamic properties. You can often find all three Pearl iZUMi lines at a reduced price in our Pearl iZUMi Outlet.

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