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Why should you take care of your products?

Nikwax Care

The short answer to this is: to refresh, maintain or restore the equipment’s functional properties! Whether it’s a hardshell jacket with a waterproof membrane, walking boots or a down jacket, using special cleaning and care products ensures that their functional properties are preserved!

Caring for your products ensures that the leather will remain supple, dirt and oil can be removed without damaging the shoes and other dry treatments can optimally penetrate into the material. Membrane fabrics only maintain their long-term breathability properties if they aren’t damp and dirty. The fabric is protected through this dry treatment, so it won’t absorb too much water and feel heavy.

What makes Nikwax different from other products?

Nikwax’s waterproof sprays, cleaning and care products are super easy to use. You can either throw them into your washing machine or use them whilst washing something by hand. They’re also water-based and free of greenhouse gases.

This is how the dry treatment works: highly-elastic, water-repellent polymers form tube-like shapes around the fibres and they penetrate deep into the fabric. Moisture from the outside won’t be able to get in through these tiny pores. However, your body’s moisture will be able to escape in the form of fine steam.

Your outdoor clothing will maintain their functionality with this simple, effective care method, and you’ll remain comfortable and dry even when it’s bucketing down!

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