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Amongst all of the love for fun designs and funny product names, there is one thing Elkline takes very seriously: protecting the environment! The products made by this label are produced to leave the smallest possible carbon footprint - a very kind and personable attitude!
Aside from that, the product developers and designers are very conscious that all their products are not only stylish, but also the highest quality. This ensures that an Elkline T-shirt will not need to be thrown away after one or two seasons. What's more, from jackets to pants, every product should be a loyal companion for many years.

The Elkline range is expanding


Elkline made their start with T-shirts, but pullovers and more casual products soon followed. The first series was too small for setting up their own production, so they bought products and printed the elk on them. As they grew, they started their own production which led to more and more products coming onto the market - including pants, jackets and coats. As the company founder started getting busier, his family and friends stepped in to help with new ideas and creations so the Elkline range grew and grew.
A lot changed over the years as the company became more professional, but a lot also stayed the same: the love for fun designs, the pronounced environmental consciousness and the elk as a symbolic animal for the company.

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