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The Basin and Range Philosophy

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Basin and Range's mission is simple: to create functional and versatile products for everyday use and modest outdoor adventures. Of utmost importance in this context is the urge to go out and discover new things whilst simultaneously a-text--rediscovering the simple joys in life. With this in mind, Basin and Range has developed a wide variety of clothing and equipment, ranging from down jackets, and t-shirts all the way to tents.

High-quality down clothing for every purpose

Down is the core and essence of every high-quality piece of insulated clothing - and rightly so! It is not only breathable and very packable but also provides an unrivalled warmth-to-weight ratio. Thus, down has become an integral part of Basin and Range's product line. Of course, Basin and Range strongly emphasises the importance of sound animal welfare practices that comply with the Responsible Down Standard (RDS). Basin and Range offers a wide variety of products for every purpose, such as unique prints, quilted jackets and down pullovers, with the latter two coming with fill powers between 550 and 800 cuin. Perfect for both everyday wear as well as demanding outdoor adventures.

Functionality meets style

Versatile clothing and equipment are absolutely essential to an active lifestyle. A single day in the Basin and Range Province can begin with rain in the morning, followed by hike with your dog in the afternoon and end at the campfire with a beautiful sunset on the horizon. So, as you can see, there isn't really much time to go home and change your clothes! Thus, the designers at Basin and Range work under the conviction that jackets, trousers and t-shirts should not only look good but also be serviceable in any kind of weather. The result is fashionable garbs that are not only lightweight, warm, breathable and extremely functional, but also something that you could easily wear when you go out to dinner!

Get out there!

There's nothing quite like relaxing beneath the night sky, spending quality time with friends by the campfire under a blanket of stars so clear and far removed from the artificial lights of the city with a warm sleeping bag and a fresh cup of coffee in the morning to go along with a beautiful's moments like these that inspire Basin and Range. And these moments are precisely what Basin and Range stands for - robust and weatherproof tents and synthetic and warm down sleeping bags of the highest quality - and all that at a fair price.

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